Green Tourist

Established in 2018 with a license in both inbound and outbound travel business, Green Tourist Company consists of experienced travel management experts who join under one professional team with a great passion to deliver high quality products, dedication and friendly service that meet with increasing demands by discerning travelers.

Setting guest satisfaction as a top priority, Green Tourist Company is totally committed to creating true benefits and high values to satisfy its customer expectation

As a travel company, it serves all aspects related to traveling that includes arrangements of accommodation, flights, transports, sightseeing, dining, entertainment… that bring about enjoyment and happiness to its valued customers.

Consist of those experienced experts who have a firm background in travel management and are competent and strong in the areas they serve. They join the company under one unity roof that has helped themselves become the leaders in fierce-competitive travel market.

To provide high quality service in harmony with showing the right social responsibilities.

To become one of the leading travel company in the region.

Tours: a wide selection of tour options allow you to travel domestically or internationally based on your own needs.

Ticket booking: Offers booking service all airline tickets, train, bus, entertainment, shows and so on.

Dining: the company has its own restaurants and all other ones in their database that can serve the needs for all styles of dining.

Accommodation: As a travel company, it has a wide network of hotels & resorts that meet the tour arrangement standards.

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